Brittany Soto

Brittany Soto

I enjoyed so much taking these photos for Brittany. She is so sweet and beautiful inside and out! Realizing she was such a natural poser, I commented that she should have done modeling. She said she did some background work during the summers, but I think this girl should be front and center! 🙂


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  • Thank you Heidi for the pictures. You are an amazing photographer!!

    She was able to squeeze me in her schedule. With my availability at a time 30 minutes before sunset, she was able to get all the shots in the short time frame before the sun had set. She also sent me the pictures about 2 days later. Usually people wait weeks to get their pictures. If anyone is looking for pictures, she is the gal to go to. She is quick to respond and to get the pictures you need in no time ❤️

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